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Working hard to keep this format alive

We are working hard to keep alive the beautiful super 8 format by way of servicing, repairing and selling these classic cameras, enabling the next generation of filmmakers and artists to create their art in an ‘old school’ way.


What we do


No doubt these cameras have survived years of use and abuse from their owners before you. Sometimes they just Need a little TLCΒ  and a good clean to start running like new. Fortunately we provide a servicing package for (almost) every kind of super 8 camera so you can get your family heirloom, work horse or part-time camera up and running beautifully!


There’s no doubt our cameras take a battering all the time and sometimes we push them just a little bit too hard and they die on us or start to fall apart. What do you expect for cameras that can be up to 55 years old? Luckily that isn’t the end for some cameras. We can repair your prized possession and get them running good as new! With our repair packages we can repair and service your camera at the same time and try and make sure it will hopefully last another 55 years!

Cameras for sale

Have you seen all the beautiful super 8 footage on Instagram and YouTube but just don’t have the right camera to create? Either way, we’ve got you covered! From easy-to-use beginner cameras to professional beasts! We are building a collection of cameras to sell for people with all levels of skill and experience. Just ask one of our staff for help picking a camera out!

Have a camera you don’t want anymore or don’t want to repair? Let us know and we’ll see if we can take it off your hands.